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The Young Men of Purpose Mentoring Program is one solution for helping young men move from underachievement to success. YMP will provide schools with a comprehensive model for a male mentoring program that has impacted over 1,100 male students since 2001.

  1. Are your male students reaching their academic potential?
  2. Are your male students frequently being referred to the office for disciplinary referrals?
  3. Are your male students engaging in service learning projects to benefit their communities?
  4. Do your male students need to belong to a positive male group?
  5. Are you concerned about your male students’ attitude and outlook on life?

*If your male students need assistance in any of these areas, please review this information to see how the Young Men of Purpose mentoring program can help them reach their potential and realize their purpose.

What can Young Men of Purpose do for your School or Organization?

  1. Character Building:
    • The Young Men of Purpose mentoring lessons teach essential life skills and provide guidance to young men as they strive to fulfill their purpose in life.
    • The service learning projects build character as the male participants engage in selfless activities to benefit their community. The service projects can be promoted throughout the school as all students are encouraged to participate.
  2. Improved Citizenship:
    • YMP promotes citizenship through stressing the lifelong benefits of making good choices in their daily lives.
    • Many male students do not receive recognition if they are not honor roll students or athletes. The mentoring program connects male students to their school and gives them a sense of purpose. The young men receive verbal affirmation as they are recognized with positive reinforcement and through celebrations.
    • There is a decrease in discipline referrals, suspensions and expulsions because the students are better connected to school and their mentors can act as mediators between the classroom and the office.
    • In addition, YMP establishes a positive social group environment where students respect and hold each other accountable. As a result, YMP combats bullying and put downs.
  3. Academic Awareness:
    • YMP promotes high self-esteem and confidence by promoting the belief that everyone is important and everyone has a purpose in life. YMP teaches young men to become goal-oriented, academically-minded, and professional.
    • As students participate in the YMP program parent involvement is promoted by providing parents with mentoring tools and strategies they can utilize in their homes. These tools and strategies assist parents as they partner with schools in order to meet the needs of their students.  

Young Men of Purpose training sessions are now available

The training sessions include strategies for successfully implementing the Young Men of Purpose Mentoring Program. The training will focus on utilizing the official Young Men of Purpose Book - A Complete Mentoring Guide for Developing Successful Young Men, which includes 42 mentoring chapters with interactive lessons. The chapters are based on issues relevant in the lives of young men and have been successfully implemented and utilized in various educational settings.

A Complete Mentoring Guide for Developing Successful Young Men can be purchased here.