What School Officials are Saying

As the principal of a large urban high school it is very difficult to find a program that can positively impact students and even more difficult to find a program to help young male students. Young Men of Purpose (YMP) has provided our young men with genuine guidance, purpose, and most importantly hope. In the age of accountability and results; I would not implement any program that would deter from our academic focus. YMP’s focus is grounded in academics and has had a major impact on improving our school’s Graduation rates, Advanced Placement success, and College enrollment and retention rates. YMP is a life changing program that can positively impact your students’ lives forever.

The YMP Complete Mentoring Guide helped enrich our school's mentoring program. The lessons found in the guide provided our male students with a relatable mentoring content that they could read, reflect on and apply to their lives. Our mentoring program has tripled in enrollment, and expanded to new levels as a result of the YMP Complete Mentoring Guide.

What students are saying

The following is a selection of testimonials from just a few of the thousands of students positively impacted by YMP:

Young Men of Purpose has been very valuable in my life and beneficial to my overall success, not only in my scholastic career, but in my social and personal life as well. It created the foundation that I needed to be successful in today’s world and without it; I would not be the man I am today.

Being in Young Men of Purpose helped me find a purpose in life. Through the program I worked with younger kids who looked up to me as a role model. Working different events at school made me feel important, and it also let me know that I could help make a difference in someone’s life.

Young Men of Purpose saved my life when my mom passed away. I wanted to give up on life, but YMP turned my life around. I went from having a 0.7 GPA to being accepted to Ball State University. I’m now going towards the right direction, towards success.

YMP has given me a sense of direction in my life. I felt I had a place to build from to reach success. Not only did it save me when I was so close to failing, it provided me with a responsible outlook on life.

We won't always be young men but we will always have a purpose and YMP helped us realize that.