Key Excerpts from A Complete Mentoring Guide

A Complete Mentoring Guide provides young men with fundamental life skills they can practice throughout their lifetime. The real-life stories and questions enhance their ability to understand and relate to the mentoring lessons. Each chapter concludes with a list of action steps, and a statement of affirmation, which empower young men to take control of all areas of their lives and to fulfill their purpose.

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Three Mentoring Principles: Character, Citizenship, and Academics

Your character is who you are as an individual, who you portray yourself to be, and who you are when no one else is watching you. Your character is shaped by the moral and spiritual values that you uphold and practice throughout your life.

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Chapter 1 - Purpose

Chapter Focus: This chapter will help you realize your purpose, self-worth, and value in life. You will be encouraged to leave a positive legacy in every aspect of your life.

Young men have fallen short because they are going through life not realizing they were created to accomplish a specific mission. At some point in your life you will discover your purpose if you stay focused, keep an open mind, and passionately pursue it. Your purpose will not always be predictable, most of the time it just happens

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Chapter 15 - Attitude

Chapter Focus: This chapter will explain how maintaining a positive attitude will allow you to soar to your destination in life.

Your attitude is your approach towards life. It refers to how you think and process every situation you encounter. Your mind is a “battlefield” that is in constant conflict with positive and negative thoughts. In order to win the battle, you must maintain an attitude with positive thoughts and words spoken on a consistent basis.

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Chapter 28: Academic Achievement

Chapter Focus: This chapter will guide young men to develop an appreciation for the benefits that come with academic achievement.

Your education is like a marathon, not a sprint. If you want instant gratification you may struggle with the concept of school because success in school requires patience, dedication, and commitment. There are no shortcuts to earning a high school diploma or college degree. Long-term success in school requires a consistent effort.

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