Young men are in a state of crisis

In education, employment, physical and emotional health, and in the lack of dads participating in their lives, our young men are at a crisis point. The situation is so critical that three dozen national experts have formed a bipartisan commission urging the White House to establish a council on Boys and Men. Their research cites that boys are more medicated and less educated. They are considerably behind girls in reading and writing, motivation, grades, and standardized test scores. More boys are dropouts and expelled.

Our young men are the future of our nation. We should make sure they are positioned well to succeed and to contribute positively to their communities and society at large.

A lack of mentorship

1 out of every 3 children live in father-absent homes. Without positive male figures in their lives our young men are are falling prey to negative peer influence and getting involved with the wrong crowd to fulfill their need for love, attention, and affirmation. They are making poor choices and lack an appreciation for education. And without proper emotional guidance they are affected by negative attitudes, resort to violence to resolve conflicts, and struggle to fulfill their commitments.

Young men are highly vulnerable to falling into traps that cause them to miss out on their purpose in life. Mentorship in a young man’s life means not having to tackle obstacles blindly and the chance to see these traps before they are encountered.

A Complete Mentoring Guide

A Complete Mentoring Guide for Developing Successful Young Men is one solution for helping young men move from underachievement to success.

It provides young men with fundamental life skills they can practice throughout their lifetime. The real-life stories and questions enhance their ability to understand and relate to the mentoring lessons. Each chapter concludes with a list of action steps, and a statement of affirmation, which empower young men to take control of all areas of their lives and to fulfill their purpose.

The man behind the guide

The guide was written by award-winning educator Roy K. Dobbs, based on his Young Men of Purpose mentoring program which has positively impacted the lives of over 1000 young males.