A Complete Mentoring Guide for Developing Successful Young Men

Without a doubt, this guide will be an effective tool for parents, mentors, school officials, youth organizations, and concerned adults who wish to see young men achieve success.

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Chapter Excerpt: Purpose

Young men have fallen short because they are going through life not realizing they were created to accomplish a specific mission. At some point in your life you will discover your purpose if you stay focused, keep an open mind, and passionately pursue it. Your purpose will not always be predictable, most of the time it just happens.

Praise from Students & Educators

As the principal of a large urban high school it is very difficult to find a program that can positively impact students and even more difficult to find a program to help young male students. Young Men of Purpose (YMP) has provided our young men with genuine guidance, purpose, and most importantly hope. In the age of accountability and results; I would not implement any program that would deter from our academic focus. YMP’s focus is grounded in academics and has had a major impact on improving our school’s Graduation rates, Advanced Placement success, and College enrollment and retention rates. YMP is a life changing program that can positively impact your students’ lives forever.

Troy B. Inman
Principal, Pike High School

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Over 1100 young men have been positively impacted by the wisdom contained in the pages of A Complete Mentoring Guide. Give a copy to a young man in your life and you are giving him the tools to secure his future.

Regardless of whether or not you can purchase the guide, I hope you find a way to contribute positively to the life of at least one young man. For more guidance, read 10 effective tips for mentoring young men.

Accepted Payment Methods