About Young Men of Purpose

Roy Dobbs founded Young Men of Purpose in 2001 in order to develop today’s young men into tomorrow’s leaders.

The Mentoring Program

Since its beginning, the Young Men of Purpose Mentoring Program has helped over 1,100 young men become responsible, positive leaders in their communities. Our vision is to see every young man realize their purpose by building a foundation of character, providing guidance for overcoming life’s obstacles and promoting academic achievement. The program has been successfully implemented in elementary, middle, and high schools, both traditional and alternative, and has received praise from educators and students alike.

YMP members came from different racial, academic, economic, social, and academic backgrounds. As members, these students attended mentoring meetings and participated in service learning projects. Many of the young men graduated from high school, attended a post-secondary college, trade school, and graduated with a degree or a certification. As a result, they are leading successful lives. 

Roy Dobbs

Dobbs’ career as an educator has taken on many different roles: teacher, coach, dean of students, assistant principal, and principal of both traditional and alternative schools. He has even volunteered with at-risk males in juveniles centers, boy’s schools, and churches.

Disturbed by data showing a lack of achievement in male students, he became determined be part of the solution and Young Men of Purpose was born. With the program’s success, Dobbs authored A Complete Mentoring Guide For Developing Successful Young Men as a tool for parents, mentors, school officials, youth organizations, and concerned adults who wish to see young men achieve success.